Frequent questions


Here we answered the most popular questions of our customers.

What could the site developer bring into question when setting the parameters for the development of the website development project?

  • The main goals of your web design and development.
  • The desired result from the design, development and marketing of the website.
  • Evaluate the regions where you would like your project to be launched.
  • For multilingual websites, the website developer will assess language requirements and planning.
  • Approximate number of website design and development pages.
  • Any custom requirements for the design and development of your website.
  • Special features of your landing page, business site or e-commerce site.
  • Your visual marketing strategy and how you want to integrate visual tools into your website design.
  • Website content (text, videos, photos) long-term launch and administration plans.
  • For e-commerce sites, the strategy and administration of online product promotion and conversion.
  • General maintenance and administration requirements after project completion.

What should I consider when starting and building a website?

  • Make sure your website is fast and responsive on any device. Search engines consider the page load speed in their rankings.
  • Use the call buttons to improve your chances of conversion and highlight the call (CTA) on your pages.
  • Consider using your website to optimize your website design and development for conversions. For example, you can arrange the user’s journey to the desired result.
  • Design unique images, videos, or other elements to create an interactive and vibrant interaction with your website users.
  • Remember to find a balance between a classic and a modern site. The simplicity of the website will create user confidence. In addition, a modern design will give your customers a memorable experience.
  • Write informative and useful content to arouse the user’s interest.

What could the digital marketing representative bring into question when setting the parameters for the development of the promotion project?

  • Evaluate your target segments and global digital marketing strategy.
  • Your plans to promote your site in Bucharest, Romania or to expand internationally.
  • Set your digital marketing business goals, which are brand awareness, website visitors, service generation or product sales.
  • Establish your digital marketing plan before launch and the desire to scale.
  • Vision and expectations regarding bringing and converting users of your website to achieve your goals.
  • Designing the digital marketing budget based on the achieved objectives.
  • The budget allocation between SEO and SEM strategies.
  • Choosing the right tools to convert new web visitors into customers.
  • On the other hand, your digital marketing consultant will answer any questions you want to ask and at the same time give you advice from a digital design, development, and marketing perspective.
  • Our goal is to help our partners achieve their desired goals by providing you with the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing.

What should I consider when setting my online marketing strategy?

  • Establish your niche and set a personalized goal and strategy for your market segment in Bucharest, another locality, or internationally.
  • Choose delivery channels such as social media, content marketing, SEO or SEM.
  • Hire staff or professionals to manage your campaigns.
  • Therefore, connect with social media influencers, content writers, and SEO / SEM administrators.
  • Choose your keywords wisely and constantly monitor and keep up to date with digital marketing trends and technologies.
  • Continue to build your delivery channels, such as blogs, social media channels, the results of online digital marketing platforms.
  • Set up digital marketing and sales automation systems and analyze your progress on your desired marketing outcome.