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By 4Tech Malta Website Design Agency – Latest 2020 Tips

Check the latest news by Malta Website Design Agency, where we would like to highlight the benefits of having an online presence of your business and the website design trends.

2020 has started with a lot of disappointment for many business owners and in special for owners of physical venues. Maybe this experience will make you understand better the security of an online presence, and that you can benefit during uncertain times.

If you are planning to open a new website, switch your business e-commerce or leverage your business presence and increase your market share through online media, definitely a website well ranked will be an aid for your business.

Read below about Malta Website Design Agency 2020 tips you should consider before starting building your website, and jump into the local or international online media.

malta website design agency
Malta Website Design Agency

Multi-Device Responsive – by Malta Website Design

It is estimated that by the end of 2020 a percentage of more than 50% of online buyers will use a mobile device. Malta Website Design Agency Trends and Tips will help you preparing for the latest user experience and to build a mobile-friendly and multi-responsive website.

In this way, your website will look like apps with enhanced SEO capabilities that will reduce substantially your Development, Digital Marketing, and Website Administration costs.

Some of the advantages of having a mobile-friendly multi-device responsive website we would like to highlight below:

·         Will consolidate your analytics and sales funnels. Having a mobile-friendly website will be easy to track the mobile and desktop PC users on only one analytics report and you will have a meaningful comparison between mobile vs desktop users.

·         Having a mobile-friendly website will increase your SEO rating and you will be more accessible to web browser users on both desktop or mobile devices.

·         Google is looking to enhance the customer experience and mobile-friendly websites will have always priority when delivering the best google search results for your planned keywords.

·         You will save a lot of time and money with development. The websites do not need to be published in app stores, and a mobile-friendly website will be just the end product of multi-device responsive website design.

·         Your developer costs will be lower as you will not need to download the APP on the App Stores after each update.

·         At the same time if you want to convert your multi-device responsive website to an App at any point there are plenty of tools to convert your website to a native iOS or Android app in minutes.

Here you can see an e-commerce multi-device website the 4Tech website design agency team created for an amazing mobile-friendly website user experience.

malta website design Agency
Malta Website Design Agency

Videos and Other Animated Media – by Malta Website Design Agency 2020 Tips

As are you looking into a trendy modern experience that you remember after when you visit a website, perhaps your customers will expect the same. Video and animated media give this feeling of the modern and live website that will instantly make your visitors more attached to your website.

In addition, more time will be spent on your website watching the videos which will help you in terms of the bouncing rate. The video should come upon pages and in places where the customers will be more willing to open them and here your branding and business messages can successfully be achieved in an efficient audio-visual way. At the same time, GIF’s do a great job as they are uploading more easily and they can be placed in any size on any page and place within your website design.

Follow the Malta Website Design Agency Trends and Tips or click here where you can see some examples of media-enhanced website pages we have done for our local clients in Malta.

Big and Bold Fonts – by Malta Website Design Agency

Big or bold letters will have a bigger impact when applied right with suitable website design trends and elements. This will enhance your message you aim to deliver, will remain for a longer period on the website user retina, and more chances to get you, customers, back to you.

Always remember that customers will make a few types of research before buying a product, and delivering them ways to draw attention will put your website on top of the customer choice list. Either you are in Malta or you are running an international website network you could check at 4Tech Malta Website Design Agency Trends and Tips website homepage some ideas of really enhanced modern designs.

Asymmetric Layouts – by Malta Website Design Agency 2020 Tips

This technique is used to give your website a more original and trendy look. This will be a must in 2020 if you wish to differentiate into the market and deliver to your customer in a professional manner a modern, up to date feeling and confidence. As an example of the logo, follow 4Tech Malta Website Design Agency Trends and Tips website home or main pages which come upon various sizes and places on each website design page.

At the same time, geometric designs are used by many designers to give your website a minimalistic and modern look that we will discuss in more detail below within this article.

Bespoke Graphics – by Malta Website Design Agency

Bespoke graphics are hand-drawn designs tailored to your website and business model. These website designs will show a professional touch and will really differentiate you from the competition. The graphics can be designed in a very the original way, and be explanatory, they are unique and could be an incentive for your users to come back or refer your website, and at the same time to search more since finally, they found something that is not already on the market to fulfill them a curiosity about new and upcoming trends.

3D Elements – by Malta Website Design Agency

3D elements are the ultimate website design trends and these really give you the “sweetness” you need for an amazing and memorable website user experience. We have created some 3D website design elements for some of our clients, which received them with many thanks and great feedback.

malta website design agency

Minimalist design – by Malta Website Design Agency

Minimalist website is useful to increase your page load, especially on mobile. Our Malta website design team experimented with some of the minimalistic website design and great results come up. When you build a minimalism website design main thing you should consider using fewer colors, and media and more blank space and better text placements and fonts designs.

White spaces play an important role in minimalistic website design since shite spaces will give a clear, transparent, and tide up feeling. In addition, if the white spaces are used from the user experience and marketing point of view they will allow your products, offers, or another message to be visually easily captured by the website users and ultimately will result in memorable customer experience with a high chance of customer return.

In addition to minimalist website design trends, minimalist navigation will play an important role in the overall website design integration. Combining multiple buttons into a single drop-down, hiding buttons techniques, or using mega menus minimalist templates will really give your website design a minimalistic, modern look with enhanced customer experience in terms of website speed and user-friendly capabilities.

malta website design agency

Vintage Design – by Malta Website Design 2020 Trends and Tips

Vintage design is always awakening a nostalgic feeling and good memories. Also, this is the most probable and suitable approach for some specific brands or business models. However, a vintage approach to fonts, colors, videos, or other media files can be combined to a modern website to achieve a trendy and unique website design.

Parallax on Website Design – by Malta Website Design Agency

Parallax is a website design enhancement used for trendy and modern websites to increase the customer experience and chances they will remember you and come back. The parallax effect gives you more options to play with the design and achieve really stand out website designs. However, parallax is not good for SEO as it’s split the page into multiple small pages, so when used this technique you should consider the percentage and where will be most useful to use to get the best SEO results and at the same time the and nice trendy website offering great customer experience. Malta Website Design Agency Trends and Tips Home Page you can see what we aim about a good proportion of design enhancements use.

malta website design agency

Chatbot – by Malta Website Design Agency

Chatbots are part of the website user experience terms of easy access to information and communication. The trendy part is the emerging use of Artificial Intelligence which gives you a boost in terms of predictions and costs if implemented correctly.

The main advantage of chatbots is that they can reply instantly and handover many of the customer care function, However, you should consider not to become too robotic and try to balance between a robot and a human touch.

In addition, having a chat option on your website will inspire trust and will be a useful tool toward the customer information and ultimately buying decision.

On the other side, the chatbots are developing permanently with new supporting technologies arising over time and we expect the chatbots to be a must-have and together with the AI and Machine Learning ultimately they will replace the human touch. So stay on top of this if you wish to be still profitable in the near future.

malta website design agency

In conclusion, the later website design trends are just a guide through a modern and responsive website made to enhance customer usability and offer a memorable experience. At the same time, a trendy and original website will help you differentiate into the market and will give the memorable look that will make the potential client return to your page and place the order on your website

When building a website you could easily follow the 4Tech Malta Website Design Agency 2020 Trends and Tips and see what our team is taking into consideration all the latest trends into the web design and will pick up the best options suitable to your business model and potential audience.

We hope you find this article helpful, and please feel free to leave any comments. We are looking forward to your feedback. At the same time if you have any questions we will be happy to reply and help as much as possible.

Thank you for reading about Malta Website Design Agency, and all the best with your local or international project.


By 4Tech Malta Website Design AgencyYour web designer in Malta 🙂

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4Tech Digital Marketing Ltd – C 86254, is a digital marketing agency registered in Malta, Europe with the address at 64 Tower Road, Sliema, SLM 1606, Malta.