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Malta | Website Design and E-Commerce Do’s in 2020

In a few words, we would like to make you familiar with what is doing the Malta website design agency during the creative work on your website or e-commerce platform development. Starting from layout, colors, fonts, icons, buttons, and some codding our local Malta web design developers are collating and place all the elements the user will need for an impressive visual and practical experience.

For each project, the website design is discussed as a team within the Malta website design network, and a champion will get the award to communicate with you and manage the whole project through finalization.

At the same time, from early development, we discuss your objectives and desired audience. Therefore, we will harmonize the whole project from the end user’s point of interest, and deliver you a well-equipped SEO engine robust website.

E-Commerce in 2020

E-Commerce is a very common trend in the last decade and is getting even more targeted by classic businesses in the last months. Therefore, there are numerous e-commerce stores nowadays such as the very popular amazon or e-bay, and at the same time plenty of successful niche online stores arising day by day. Is well known the traditional ways of doing business are slowly losing as the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs is exploring the new trends into the online business. Expanding your classic business into an e-commerce online model will not only safeguard your future success but can take your business to unlimited opportunities.

Malta website design and e-commerce developers will help you step up into the online business, and will be with you from the early website development all the way towards achieving your digital marketing and sales goals.

To give you an insight into what an e-commerce project development involves we are writing below several things that need to be done in order to achieve great results.

Market Product Search

Starting with your market research could avoid any frustration when choosing your niche or products and your desired location. We know that not all the products are in high demand into some areas and a good demographic analysis of your market should be the first step onto the online eCommerce world.

Therefore, understanding your market and buyers will help you when designing and developing your business model and e-commerce website.

Business Model

There are plenty of ways to sell online i.e. physical products, downloadable products, services, and so on. In addition, there are many already tested and proven business models that you should look at when choosing a model that can accomplish your financial needs.

Malta Website Design
Responsive E-Commerce Website developed by 4Tech Malta Website Design Agency

Be Responsive!

Responsive websites are a must into the actual online market local and global development. Most of the people are using mobiles to make purchases from them favorites shop, therefore you must come in front of them with a well-designed user-friendly and multi-device responsive e-commerce website.

Social Media

Starting from a responsive and friendly website we all know that the majority of the people are accessing social media from their smartphones. Therefore, you must be sure your website is connected will all the social media, and you have explored all the possibilities to sell online not only on your website but also on the social media platforms that have been emerged to online shops or offer integration with your eCommerce website.

User Experience and E-Commerce

Keeping in mind a large number of entrepreneurs into the online e-commerce business you must consider from the beginning the need to have a competitive website that keeps up with your competitors. At the same time try to differentiate either as a business model or pursuing web design originality, as you might know, how small things make a big difference. However, all these have to be in line with the search engine consoles requirements, and user-friendly guidelines.

One of the most important points when designing your website is the eCommerce interface for the purchase process that must be as easy as possible. In addition, is well known the people buy on emotion and impulse. Therefore, your web design, media, and content must enhance the user desire for your products and services, and at the same time, the information must highlight the user needs in an easily accessible and readable way.

Malta website design and eCommerce development 4Tech agency, we work together between the designers, developers, and digital marketers to understand your user expectations and deliver an e-commerce website tailored to the market needs.

Trust and Security

Your potential website users are looking for trustful and secure websites. Therefore, your eCommerce website must have an SSL certificate and a secure check out process.

In addition, good reviews and the use of schema mark up and rich snippets will enhance your credibility into the google search results and increase the chances your customers will prefer to buy from you instead of other competitors’ websites.

Call to Action

Make the most of your shop or individual product pages with Call To Action (CTAs) buttons, and products or services offers your customers might like.

The Calls to Action (CTAs) buttons are positioned on your pages strategically by marketers in such a way to lead the website visitors’ customer journey while they are browsing for your services or products.

When placing the Call to Actions (CTAs) buttons on a website, the web designers together with the marketers are following some guidelines aligned to the business targets for user actions. Therefore, the CTAs will be placed along with the relevant content, offer, product, or service, and must be persuasive and easily accessible by the website users.


Into the eCommerce business you might be faced with strong competition. Of course, you still need your eCommerce working for you 24h, so you can overcome these competition constraints with good market research that will help you find markets and products less competitive and with potential of large revenue returns.

Malta Website Design

Either you are plunging into a competitive market or a market not yet explored by competition you still have to bring your product in front of the online potential client by search engine optimization (SEO) for top google search results. In addition, social media play a great role in the online business and a great integration of your website with social media will be another must towards achieving your financial goals into the eCommerce business.

Malta website design agency developers had a look as well at do’s of web design and eCommerce development especially when it comes to the local market, and we are writing for you below a few more tips:

Malta Website Design
Smiling now, since we are half way towards writing this article together with Malta website design and web development team.

Within the Teams Collaboration

Malta website design and SEO experts work closely with local web developers in Malta and across the globe to achieve SEO optimized, responsive, user-friendly, and appealing website pages.

Keep an Eye on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

From synchronization of your business objective, domain name, visual, and writing content there are pretty few bullets the Malta web design team is taking into consideration to harmonize and achieve a competitive product in 2020. Collaboration with the SEO team will give a great hint into analyzing the placement of the visual and contextual keyword in harmony with the desired goals.

Graphical Elements

Our website designers in Malta will structure your websites so that the flow of information is intuitive and easy to be picked up by the audience. Malta website design team assigned to your project will focus on understanding you and your customers’ needs that will be reflected in the whole web design and architecture. Therefore, your project will be managed in close cooperation with the technical teams. The overall aim is to integrate the functionalities into the website interface in such a way to assure uniqueness, originality, and great user experience.

Wording and Typography

Keeping similar typography across the website (fonts, colors, size, etc.) will give your website a clean interface, easy and pleasant to read. In addition, makes your message easy to read by using bullet points when possible, and limit paragraphs to three to five sentences to avoid large, confusing texts that could get out the reader from the intended message.

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos are important elements of the visual design of your website. Therefore,  choosing the right media will enhance the customer experience, branding, and will result in better conversions. In addition, using a mix of informative and relevant media to your business aims could have a positive emotional influence on your website visitors and increase your customer loyalty scores. Malta website designers will analyze your customer’s segments and related behavior by choosing images and videos that will feed your customer’s emotional needs.

At the same time, make sure you are using high-quality videos and photos, that are optimized for online media.

E-Commerce Website Tips

Are you looking to develop an E-Commerce website? As a first step, you must think as the checkout process that should be simple and straightforward. Generally, within the industry, each step in the checkout or registration process will lead to a 10% reduction of online purchases. At the same time use ”call in action” buttons, and make some offers your customers might like.

In addition, you would like to sell your products to any user of any device, and the Malta website design team will make sure you will have an enhanced design on any device i.e. PC, Smartphone, iPad.

Here we have summarised for you some of the dos that the Malta website design team is taken into consideration after the first thought about getting into the online media with a new web project. Malta website design and eCommerce development team hope you like this article and encourage you to leave any comment and follow us for more useful tips.

Are you thinking of starting your online project? Malta website design and e-commerce development team wishes you good luck with your new website design and development project! And don’t forget, we are here to help.

By 4Tech Digital Malta Website Design 😊

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4Tech Digital Marketing Ltd – C 86254, is a digital marketing agency registered in Malta, Europe with the address at 64 Tower Road, Sliema, SLM 1606, Malta.