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Latest 2020 SEO Tips | SEO Malta Agency

4Tech Digital SEO Malta Agency has compiled for you some of the latest 2020 SEO tips that you can read below.

The SEO Malta Agency is focused mainly on local SEO but we are keeping a very close eye on the international SEO approach, and how it affects the local SEO, especially in Malta, Europe.

This article is about the main SEO techniques you should use in 2020, and we are tackling other topics and more about local SEO in other articles.

  • Understand Users and Follow BERT

BERT is about understanding your website users and is used to help Google better discern the context of words in search queries. Therefore, the launch of the BERT algorithm got a lot of attention from marketers. Our team at SEO Malta Agency follows the latest algorithms to help you optimize your website for BERT.

BERT is using neural networks of algorithms designed for pattern recognition, categorizing image content, recognizing handwriting, and even predicting trends in financial markets are common real-world applications for neural networks these days.

To understand BERT you need to be familiar with the Neural Language Processing (NLP) which refers to artificial intelligence that deals with linguistics, enabling computers to understand the way humans naturally communicate like social listening tools, chatbots, and word suggestions on your mobile device. Our SEO Malta Agency team acknowledged BERT capabilities to understand (NLP) and therefore following BERT guidelines for the SEO become a mandatory part of the latest SEO strategies we implement.

What is exciting about how does BERT works, is its ability to train language models based on the entire set of words in a sentence or query rather than the traditional way of training on the ordered sequence of words. Therefore, BERT allows (NPL) to learn word context-based words rather than just the word itself.

In addition, is well known that these new lines about the BERT SEO algorithm do not replace the traditional Rank Brain, and is just another layer Google is using to better understand the correlation between informational context and user query.

  • User Focused SEO Content

4Tech SEO Malta Agency being focused on local SEO got a valuable understanding of the local user. Therefore, besides optimizing for specific algorithms we are focusing on high-quality content and user-focused Malta search engine optimization. In few words, this means analyzing and understanding user queries and aligning the content to the targeted queries using high quality and originality.

Keywords research was a technique used and still being used broadly, however, is becoming less relevant with the primary dataset for content creation coming from suggested queries. Therefore, our team at SEO Malta Agency is taking a holistic approach for keywords research going beyond the classical searches and focusing more on the client’s understanding, and acknowledgment of the website owner’s needs. Either local SEO in Malta or another region your SEO Malta Agency will create Malta search engine optimization as a bridge between the website owner and the end-user needs.

  • Content Optimisation

Content optimization is a complex process that evaluates and applies a set of strategies in a way that will assure your content reaches the desired audience into your targeted market. Therefore, following your needs in terms of the metrics the SEO Malta Agency local experts will adapt and make use of the latest digital marketing tools, and where the case will apply a mix of SEO and SEM strategies together.

An effective content marketing strategy should start with keyword and user research analysis. You have to understand your client’s needs and make a list of search queries your audience is most probably to use. Our SEO Agency in Malta will project an SEO Digital Marketing Strategy starting from the client perspective and will implement optimized features, and content into your website that will exactly answer your customer google search queries.

In addition, our SEO Malta Agency collaborates with the technical team from the early stages of the website development. Therefore, the SEO goals will be communicated to the website developers and web page designers from the start. As a result, you will get an SEO optimized website for Malta or another desired region that will precisely respond to your local SEO goals and selling strategy. User experience (UX), responsive multi-device website or interactive media are only a few of the attributes SEO Malta Agency team is considering towards reaching the desired Maltese search engine results.

Part of the process of optimizing content should include making sure associated keywords are present, adding meta and title tags, relevant links, and optimized headlines. In addition, building visual content like images or video media, will increased user engagement, brand awareness, and should be a must for SEO and web design in 2020.

  • Backlinks SEO

A ‘’backlink’’ is a link created when one website links to another website page, and are an important SEO tool. Local Maltese backlinks to your website are a signal to Malta search engine optimization related results that others find your content useful, and if many sites link to the same webpage or website, search engines consider that content is worth reading. Therefore, the links to your website or the page will increase your content ranking and as a result will increase your website visibility on Malta search engine optimization resulted pages.

When searching for the backlinking opportunities SEO Malta Agency knows that some backlinks are more valuable than others, and will provide you with worthful links from trustworthy, popular, high authority websites.

  • Short-Tail and Long-Tail Keywords

Understanding your audience will leverage the keywords possibilities and choices you can use. Many website owners are focusing on short keywords of 1 to 4 words and forget about the Google updates and the latest trends. At the same time, being in the same old trend with your competitors will not help you differentiate and attract your audience. Therefore, by using keywords research, ranking tool, and business judgment you can explore new possibilities.

Your SEO Malta Agency will help you find short and long-tail keywords that are not considered yet by your competitors. This will lead to increasing your Malta search engine optimisation targeted results by leveraging the potential audience looking for your products or services.

  • Bust your SEO with Schema Markup

It is well known that many website developers and marketers do not add schema mark-up codes that help your local Malta search engines identify what content means. Schema Markup optimization is one of the most powerful forms of SEO available today to boost your website in the search engine results in Malta or other locations.

Schema markup allows users to see a summary of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and quickly understand what your website is all about. In addition, e-Commerce schema markup pages will show the products stock, reviews, etc., direct on the SERPs just before the user is actually opening and navigate through your page to find these results and that could be too late.

In conclusion, we only summarised some of the SEO tools you should focus in 2020, and we think that many of the website owners are still at the beginning phase of the SEO implementation with plenty of unexplored areas that if used right could drastically increase your local Malta search engine optimization results.

Get in touch with our experts at SEO Malta Agency and we will help you figure out many of the SEO possibilities that you are still not using, and will leverage your local online presence.

By 4Tech SEO Malta Agency 😊

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