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Are you planning to develop your new website?

Contact us and one of our web design Malta team member will set up a meeting or e-meeting with you in just a couple of days.

During the meeting our web design Malta team member will ask you few questions in order to understand your project and set the project objectives.

Read below a sample about what your website developer might bring in discussion during the meeting:

  • The main objectives of your web design and development.
  • Your desired output from the website design, development and marketing.
  • Any plans to develop a new website or to upgrade an old one.
  • Asses the regions where you would like your project to be launched
  • For Multilanguage websites the website developer would asses the languages requirements and planning.
  • The approximate number of website design and development pages.
  • Any bespoke requirements for your website design and development.
  • The special functionalities of your landing page, business or e-commerce website.
  • Your visual marketing strategy and how you wish to integrate the visual tools into the website design.
  • Website content (text, videos, photos) plans for launch and administration on long terms.
  • For e-commerce websites, the product online promotion and conversion strategy and administration.
  • Digital marketing strategy and the website development and marketing tools required to meet the objectives established.
  • The general maintenance and specific administration requirements after the project completion.

On the other hand, our web design Malta team member assigned to you will answer any questions you wish to ask. In addition, you will get some advice from the design, development and marketing perspective.

Our aim is to help our partners achieve the desired objectives by delivering you the latest website design trends and technologies.

Web Design Malta by 4Tech Digital Marketing Malta | Europe

Here some web design and development tips for your new project:

  • Be clear about what your website can do for visitors, highlight the benefits for your users.
  • Make sure your website is speed and responsive on any device. Search engines consider your page loading speed into their rankings.
  • Use call to action buttons to improve your chances for converting and highlight your call to action (CTA) on your pages.
  • Consider the website usability by optimising the website design and development for conversions. As an example, you could map the user journey towards your desired output.
  • The visual content planning is one of the more important website design strategy. Trending or bold fonts, enhancing colours or a visual hierarchy will attract the attention of your website users on the most important messages you wish to deliver towards achieving your goals.
  • Design unique images, videos or other elements to create an interactive and lively interaction with your website users.
  • If you have a blog or selling products on an e-commerce website, you must design buttons allowing readers to easily share your blogs or products on social media without having to leave your website page.
  • Keep in mind to find a balance between a classic and modern website. The simplicity of the website will create user confidence. In addition, a modern design will deliver a memorable experience you your customers.
  • Create originality and differentiate with your products and services. No one would like to see just a copy of another website. In addition, google and other searching engines will prioritise new and modern website designs to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Write informative and useful content to wake up the user interest and generate the desired website output and achieve your goals.


Web Design Malta by 4Tech Digital Marketing Malta | Europe